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Aircraft at the Show

Aircraft for both the static and flying displays will be announced once written confirmation is received from the operator or Air Arm. The first confirmations are likely to be received in the spring of 2017.

We will be working hard to secure a wide variety of aircraft for the inaugural Scampton Airshow in September 2017. The general rule for Air Arms is that Operations and Training come first - if there are flying hours and a budget available, then they may choose to use them for airshows. 

These decisions are usually made between January and April, which is why some aircraft will be confirmed later than others. Although it may be tempting, it is counterproductive to try and circumvent this system and try and contact Air Arms and Operators directly - so please be patient.

In this section....

  • Confirmed Aircraft
    This list contains the official confirmed aircraft list
  • Latest Updates
    News regarding aircraft, operators and who is attending the show.
  • Aircraft in the Spotlight
    Find out more about the aircraft that were confirmed for the 2017 Scampton Airshow as we go into detail about the aircraft types, nations and history.

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