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F-4F Phantom

The F-4 Phantom is a two seat supersonic fighter-bomber with a distinguished history with a number of Air Forces around the world. The aircraft was first introduced in 1960 and served heavily in the Vietnam War with the US Navy , US Marine Corps and US Air Force. F-4C, D and E models accounted for over 100 enemy aircraft shot down throughout the war in Vietnam.

In 1973, under the "Peace Rhine" program, the Luftwaffe purchased the F-4F which was upgraded in the mid-1980s. 24 German F-4F Phantom IIs were operated by the 49th Tactical Fighter Wing of the USAF at Holloman AFB to train Luftwaffe crews until December 2004. All the remaining Luftwaffe Phantoms were based at Wittmund with Jagdgeschwader 71(fighter wing 71) in Northern Germany and WTD61 at Manching. The German Air Force retired its last F-4Fs on 29 June 2013. German F-4Fs flew 279,000 hours from entering service on 31 August 1973 until retirement.

HHA acquired a single ex-Luftwaffe F-4F which is now stored at RAF Scampton and will appear in the Scampton Airshow static display.

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