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Muscle Biplane

The original Pitts was designed by Curtis Pitts and first flew in 1945. G-EWIZ is a Pitts S2S, one of only 30 aircraft ever built. Most were certified production Aircraft, but a few, including G-EWIZ were home built from factory kits.

The Pitts S2S was purpose designed in the 1960's for competition and Air Show Aerobatics.

G-EWIZ is powered by six cylinder, 8.5 litre engine, producing over 300HP. It has a flying weight of 700 Kg, a top speed of over 200 mph and capable of pulling plus 6 g and minus 5g.

The biplane gets its strength from the box like structure of the wings with the top and bottom wings connected by diagonal steel wires to give it rigidity.

Rich flew in the RAF and completed a career on the Tornado GR.1, including 21 missions during Operation Desert Storm. Today Rich flies Boeings and is one of the most accomplished aerobatics pilots in the UK, having competed for over 30 years.

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