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RAF Tutor

The G115 was designed by German manufacturer Grob as a basic trainer, made from carbon composites. Very light and fully aerobatic, it was selected by the RAF as a replacement for the Scottish Aviation Bulldog with the Air Experience Flights and University Air Squadrons. The Tutor, as the RAF dubbed it, has side-by-side seating, but the primary flight instruments are on the right-hand side of the cockpit, allowing the student to fly the aircraft from the right-hand seat with a right-hand stick and left-hand throttle, rendering easier their hopeful future transition to fast jets. The aircraft are provided to RAF by VT Group, and all are on the civil register; today they equip 15 UASs and 12 AEFs, plus the Central Flying School and RAF College. No 57 Squadron will be providing the static example on the ground at Scampton Airshow.

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