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The Su-22 is a Soviet-era fighter-bomber developed from the more basic Su-7. The NATO reporting name for the aircraft is 'Fitter' and it served for many years with the Soviet military and was exported around the world as far as South America and South East Asia.

It is a single crew aircraft with a maximum take of weight of nearly 20 tonnes and can reach a top speed of Mach 1.5 at high altitude. The aircraft was predominantly armed with a 30mm cannon and could operate with a mixed load of air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons.

HHA operate one SU22M4, its supersonic capability and ten hard points enabling a variety of threat simulation profiles to be flown. Our aircraft is the only one of its type being operated by a civilian company and was acquired from the German Air Force.

After extensive negotiations HHA acquired the aircraft on the 14 January 1999 when it was flown to our maintenance facility at RAF Scampton. When delivered, the aircraft had accrued only 767 flight hours in 743 flights and became the youngest aircraft in our fleet.

The SU22M4 is currently in storage in HHA's RAF Scampton, undergoing regular anti-det maintenance and custodial ground runs. The aircraft, its systems and spares are maintained in such a condition that it can readily be reactivated to flight status, should a contractual tasking arise which requires the performance and flight envelope of the SU22 platform.

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