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Grant helps make cinema experience butter

Published: 30 May 2017   updated: 15 Jun 2017

Trustees have become pop-ular amongst movie lovers at RAF Akrotiri after approving a £2,650 grant for a new popcorn maker for the Station's Astra Cinema.

The machine, which has been purchased to provide cinema-goers with an even more enjoyable big-screen experience, will replace the cinema's current popcorn machine as it has become unreliable. It is also hoped that the machine will help boost revenue by increasing popcorn sales.

Flt Lt Elston-Green, from 84 Sqn at RAF Akrotiri, said: "The Astra Cinema is a hugely popular facility, used by more than 200 people of all ages each week. It is open to use by personnel and their families, as well as operational staff.

"We have been using an old popcorn machine for several years, which has been a real draw for people, but it's needed a lot of maintenance and has seen better days. Also the amount of popcorn it can make is limited, meaning that we have been forced to only issue small bags as it takes too long to create enough popcorn for one large bag. Sales made at the Astra provide vital funding for the station the new machine will help raise more money towards station welfare facilities."

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