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Lincolnshire Neighbours Join Forces to Open Show

Published: 09 Sep 2017

In a dramatic opening to the first airshow at RAF Scampton in over 25 years the home-based Red Arrows team joined up with a Raytheon Sentinel R1 from nearby RAF Waddington. It symbolised the 'handing of the baton' of Lincolnshire's airshow from Waddington to Scampton with the last event in 2014 leaving many locals longing for more action in the skies.

The Sentinel R1 is the RAF's only long-range wide area battlefield surveillance aircraft, providing critical intelligence and target tracking information to British and Coalition forces in operations across the world. Operated by 5 (Army Co-operation) Squadron, the unit has four aircraft with one in storage with crews comprising a mix of RAF and British Army personnel. It is equipped with the Airborne STand-Off Radar (ASTOR) system consists of air, land and support segments working together to produce ground radar images for battlefield intelligence. The aircraft itself is a converted Bombardier Global Express aircraft by Raytheon fitted with a Dual Mode Radar housed in the boat-shaped fairing under the fuselage.

With crowds of up to 50,000 expected over the weekend the early rain has not dampened spirits and with the forecast improving for Sunday it's not too late to book tickets for tomorrow, book HERE.

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